Duffy (obi_wan_keduffy) wrote,

Long gray beard, pointy hat (smiles)

Alright, I just watched the lord of the rings dvd, and here's the cast occording to Jay and myself.

Frodo Baggins- David Mitchell

Samwise Gamgee- Jordan Jarvis

Merry- Michael Zimmer

Perigrin (pippen) Took- Greg hudson

Gandolf the Grey- Jay Derderian

Saruman- Tom Maginnis

Legolas- Sean Green

Aragorn, son of arathorn, rightful king of men, stryder, dunydan- John Richard Duffy the first esquire aka Mr. Right.

Boromir- Andrew Seidman

Arwyn- Lauren Mitchell

Gimli, son of Gloin- Donald Bruss

Galadriel- Devon Harless

Elrond, agent smith- Zach Mandleblatt

Bilbo Baggins- Brittain Forbes.

Gollum- Steve Buscemi

Bush in shot 25- Robert DeNiro

Orc #65 (the one with the arrow through the eye)- Kyle Galloway (yeah! eat it!!) (No special effects used) (mwah ha!)

Word of Day: JUDJISHUL system!!! (listen to Dana Carvey's HBO special)
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