Duffy (obi_wan_keduffy) wrote,

Kick off your sunday shoes

Well today I sawa couple flicks worth noting. First off there was "The Nightmare Before Christmas" which you've probably all seen before, I'm a bit late on introduction to that. It was really creepy and really good. Total twisted dream material. Gotta love it. Even if you think it's sutpid, you know you're dark side is singing along with Jack. Fun fun stuff. Saw it with Tom and Lauren. Seems like I'm always hanging out with like either just lauren or lauren and one other person. Kinda miss hanging out with lauren and a group. Anyone up for a love circle sometime?

Anyways, after lauren left for tai kwon doe, I talked a bit with tom on her curb, waiting for mom to come pick me up. Man, Tommy has a shit job. He's working 10 at night till 8 in hte morning building a wall at chucky cheese's. Dude.. makes me feel incredibly lucky. I have so much stuff that I really don't deserve, and tommy has it pretty hard.

So eventually my mom picked me up and we rented Footloose. It was so not what I expected. It's not light and happy at all. It's a freakin drama. and it's not even a musical. and they're gonna have to cut tons of stuff (it's rated R for like language and sex talk and stuff) and there's just tons of stuff that you can't do on a stage (traffic accidents, a tractor chicken race, etc.). And there's hardly any parts (I counted 7 total). I don't know what the hell the drama department was thinking when they chose this for the musical. Let's just hope the play is way different than the movie.

But there are some parts in the movie that are just plain hilarious. Like Ren's freak out dance, and alll the horrible eightie's slang. I either want to play the preacher, who's like the main stuffy guy who's against all the music (played by John Lithgow), kinda complex character stuff, or Williard who's the closest thing to comic releif, he's kinda this rough stupid guy who doesn't know how to dance, until Ren (kevin bacon) teaches him in corny eighty's fashion. And lemme tell ya, Ren has Ryan Baggerly written all over him. And then there's this tough jock which'll probably be Ed Wagner. It's gonna be a blast. Really hope I get in, and get inwith some friends. It's gonna be a blast. Adn Donnie Bruss'll love it because Ren is a cool guy from Chicago.

Well, that's about it. I'm going away for about a week. I'm leaving tomorrow after regestration, and then I'll be home on Thursday the 29th (the day of the musical auditions). I'm forced with relatives. Poopie. We're going to black butte for a couple of days, and then lake chalan, washington. it's a deep lake inthe middle of this barren wasteland. I'm not that excited. I'll miss you all.
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