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Mario in the frogsuit.. dude.. that's the definition of the word fruity

Well I hung out with Greg Hudson today. We bitched about Tom Maginis and amanda, then we bitched about ally vs. greg. Then we went to his house and explored the wonders of his computer. First off he has this video that has clips from "Batman Beyond: The Return of the Joker" to "Turn me on Mr. Deadman" by Union Underground. And man.. it kicks so much ass. it goes like perfectly to the music, and the animation just is beautiful. It's like better than anime. I'm gonna rent that movie sometime. And it's like violent and stuff. Finally a violent batman cartoon. I realised something: Terry Maginis and his hypertech batsuit are like a cross between batman and spiderman.

Then we watched tons of Mario cartoons. And man.. it's like the worst cartoon series I've ever laid eyes on. seriously. check them out any chance you get. "I'm such a capitalist feind!" -King Koopa. Dude.. hunt them down and watch them. It's great.
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