Duffy (obi_wan_keduffy) wrote,

Night of the Living Duffy 2: Return of the Duffy (AKA Duffy in 3D) LOOK OUT IT'S A ZOMBIE YAM!!

Hey there everybody, I came back from the beach today. Gahd I love the beach. When I make my first indie film, there has got to be a super intense sword fight on a beach. That'd rock. And then the hero and villian are fighting in the wave, and they both go under, and as a wave crashes over, behind it would flow a stream of blood, and you wouldn't know whose blood it was, and then just the hero emerges, with the sun setting behind him, cape waving, sword shining. Man.. that'd rock.

The beach was great. So incredibly windy, my trench coat was flapping like a cape. I spent most of my time sleeping on the beach. once I woke up and the wind had been blowing so hard for so long that a human-sized dune had been piling up against my back. When you're at the beach, doing nothing but being on the beach, there is like no time. Time just doesn't matter at all. There's nowhere you need to be, nothing you need to do. You can just be.

I realised something when I was there. I've been making another false character for myself. his name is "Lauren's boyfriend". I can't really explain how he's different from me, but he just is. he's just.. superficial. I know what it is.. he's too full of himself. It's like I suddenly got all this confidence, but then I let the confidence take me over, and so I started acting in ways that I don't really like.

speaking of Lauren, sheesh. I miss her even when I'm the one on vacation. wish she could've come, it would've been so incredibly great.

One day as the sun was setting, Andre (german archnemisis, who's actually no tthat bad this year) and Reese (really cool soccer playing cousin) and I decide to go swimming in the ocean. It was so incredibly cold, but so incredibly awsome. We went out very very far. The sun was blazing red and the waves were tinted orange and the sky was dark purple. it was totally unreal. And the waves were so awsome. We were out there for a really long time. I like could barely touch the bottom, and I barely had enough strength to swim to shore.

I realised that I'm getting thinner *happy dance* I want to stay soft, but I want to be stronger. Like I want to be able to do more things. Little muscle here and there wouldn't hurt.

Oh one day Gwen and Danielle (andre's little sister) gave me a make over. Dear Gahd. They put my hair in three pigtails, two on the sides and one in the back, and then put my bangs into four really tight braids that came down into my eyes. I was so gorgeous. hehehehe. Then we went and rented movies and I embarassed Andre. twas great.

And I had so many dreams during so many naps. Here's one. Alright, so I'm at a bus stop, just sitting, and then Nicole accardi's there, and we talk about her hunt for the Anti-christ (I love conversations in dreams). Then I look down at my watch and realise that I'm late from an audition. (Buzz had died from choking on a pair of dice, so there were looking for a replacement on "ZOOM." Gotta love the opb. If your'e confused go to pbskids.org/zoom)So I run to the nearest building and hope that's where the audition is. I walk in and it's like a huge mall, with this enormous spiral staircase in the middle going up like a thousand floors or something. And at the base of the stairs is Jordan Jarvis. He says "Do di do di do, you here for the Zoom audition too?" And so I'm thinking Godammit, I'm gonna have to go up against Jordan, and there's no way I'll beat him, I mean he was made to be on Zoom. Anyhoo so we go up the stirway and he falls down a bunch, and then we finaly make it to this playground where the Cat in the Hat is holing the audition. And it turns out that Donnie Bruss got the part of Buzz instead of me or Jordan. Then I woke up. Man. I love dreams.

yeah, turns out I'm here longer than I thought before heading off to black butte. We're leaving on the.. 23rd. And today is the.. 11th. It's my Mom's birthday, she's turning 51.
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