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You're gonna be a big star

Changed me picture. It took me a really long time, so apreciate it, damn you. Best marvel vilain ever.

Anyway.. I'm off to Florida pretty soon to visit my Mom and Sister for spring break. They're down there for like six monthes starting this past christmas, because Gwen's studying ballet.

This war is phuckin idiotic, and those bicyclist protestors are awsome man. They were in portland this night, and basically blocked off big highways and such by walking really slowly with their bikes. And then if the cops came, which was hard because there was a hell of a lot of traffic, of course, only a few would get caught while the rest of them peddle off to the next busy street. Shpockin brilliant I tell you. My hat is off to them.

My creativity has been overflowing lately. I've written my best song yet, and have chords down for another one that's sounding good, and then a really nice intro. and drawings for my comic are coming along, but I'm really stuck on what the robot should look like.

Beyond that, I bonded with the tv today. Conan O'brien is a funny funny man. They had fake state quarters.. to explain it wouldn't be funny at all, but it was the high point of the day.

Oh, and I had an emotional connection with Russel Crowe. I was watching E!, because they were doing a thing on this sunday's Oscars (hosted by Steve Martin, thank god. In my opinion the best oscars host). Then that ended and they had like some biography rip off type thing on Russel Crowe.

Now, personally I've always really liked him as an actor. He picks good projects, and I just think he makes a great hero, you can look up to the guy, he's got quiet charisma, huge presance. I've always liked him in interveiws and his oscar speech I thoguht was really really good. He's funny, looks good and screen, and has a great voice.

Seeing him today just sealed the deal. I've been fanasizing about being a part of the film industry for long time. These are way in depth scenarios that I act out and such.. ultimate dream job. And Russel, basically he acts alot liek I would act if I become a star of his status. "There's alot of people like me out there, dreaming of being a screen actor. Well guess what, I'M DOING IT. (sticks tongue out between teeth while grinning evil grin half laughing)Hehe yeah, and they pay me for it. They don't really need to, but they do. If you don't want a job like this, you're mad. I'm really lucky to be where I am, I'm loving every second of it, this fame isn't going to waste." Awsome. Never ignores the godlike occupation he has, he aknowledges it, and enjoys it. And when people ask him about meg ryan, he just makes a litte 'Phuck you' face and says "None of your business" or somethign along those lines. Now many people are thinking he's an arrogant dick. No, he just knows he's a celebrity, you know, he knows his power. And he's a funny charming guy.

Guess what I'm trying to say is I want to be him. Like.. to get into his position, would make me reach the pinacle of happiness and contentment.

And if I could have a dog. And be married with a couple kids.

And if I could play Batman.
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