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Hey there kids. Haven't been here in a long while. umm.. yeah.

Well, what's new in my life, since I was here last? I was in musical theatre, that was good. I've got a new religion, that's good. I'm in the one acts, that's good. Lauren and I decided to split for a while, so that's not good, but seemed inevitable. Umm.. I talked with one fo my best friends from the theatre today, and realised just how self-centered she is.

What else, what else. oh! I watched Othello tonight. I'm doing my renaissance research project on it, and it's so damn good! I watched the version with Lawrence Fishburn as Othello and Kenneth Branagh as Iago. If any of you are into Shakespeare or good tragic stories, check it out. Such an evil story. "Why become a villian? Divinity in Hell."

Saw Michael's show last night. It was pretty good. He was awsome, all the acting was great. The script itself wasn't that good though. It was entertaining none the less.

Oh and the Breakfast Club is just plain all around good. 'Cept don't mess with pretty, crazy girls, they're beautiful as they are. Wheeeeee. I want bender's clothes. Go watch the movie. You'll like it. If you're a teen that feels the need to keep a livejournal, you'll like it.

Oki, well. That's all for now I guess.
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