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The Duffy Returns

Jesus it's been a long time! Oi.. my livejournal hadn't been working for ages, but tonight I changed my screename so now it's all better. Yeah.. so umm.. You know, i really didn't miss livejournal. i mean you can't really vent about anything because people jump down your throat, and it's rare that anyone really says anything of signifigance or humor. but hey, it's a hobby. Umm.. yeah that's about it, I'll update later when I have something to say. but yeah, any of you who are used to talking to me online, my screename and email are different now. Yojimbo is no more. tha's about it. goodnight.

Oh, but hey, if any of you are geeks, and need cheering up, get the lord of the rings four disc extended deal, and watch the "Fellowship of the Cast" documentary on the third disc. It's so unbeleivably happy and awsome and I want to be in a movie like that so damn badly.
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