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wake up donnie. do you beleive in time travel.

Sunday hasn't arrived yet, and it's already a long weekend. Let's start at the very beginning.

Friday: I get the most jealous I've ever been. Something erks me as we (Lauren, Tom, Andy, Magaly, and Greg) are waiting for my mom to drive us to rehersal. The group was laughing and such but I found myself to be really bored and uninterested, so I sit by myself a little ways away.

Then on the Car ride: Tom- *elbows andy* John-"Don't hurt the Andy" Lauren- "Aw it's oki sweety" *pets andy's leg* John- "don't pet the andy"

Still feeling really ungood, and don't know why. Then we get to lakeridge, and Tom Greg and I are in the dark corner of the audience, and Andy, Lauren and Magaly are in the light corner. Tom asks me "So what do you think of this Andy guy?" And not at all realiing what was coming out of my mouth I said "I fucking hate him." And saying that sent shivers up my spine and suddenly things started to make sense. I was so incredibly jealous of Andy, and everytime Lauren laughed loudly it sunk in deeper. Luckily neither Greg or tom liked him either, so I was able to spill and clarify everything I felt. I wanted to cry but couldn't. Tom- "Jealousy over Lauren, welcome to my world." The worst jealousy I've ever felt. the reasons why I was jealous are kinda weird and I don't feel like going over them, but if you really want to know, come talk to me. But I didn't want to make a big deal out of this, I didn't want things to be incredibly awkward and segregated, so I told Tom and Greg not to tell Lauren my feelings, that it would heal on it's own. So of course tom goes and tells lauren. I needed a hug so damn badly.

Then I go home and write an email to lauren about it, and then blast rock out of my stereo and dance out of anger.

Michael shows up and he makes me happy. We go up to the football game. We hang out with the likes of Donnie, Jay (who is constantly hugging his new girlfriend,named Jen, who I'm indifferent to, but makes him very happy, so she's cool), Tom, and Greg. Greg and Michael have an intense video game fight that was pretty damn funny. And then I go over and stand by Andy and magaly and steph, figured I'd give the boy a chance. And whenever he was taling to michael, he was atually genuinely funny. It was kinda weird. When lauren was gone and there was michael to play off of, this boy was actually likable. At one point it was just me and andy standing around and he told me he heard I had a porblem with him, and I said I didn't. because at that time, I had no problem withhim at all. It's like Tom once said, when it's just me and him, he's not jealous of me. so I don't hate andy anymore, but I still really needed a hug.

Anyway, then I walked with Jay and Michael back to my house. "I'll Chew your Bacca"-Michael "I'll Sham you're Poo"-Michael "I'm gum your ball"-Jay "I'll Flash your Gordon"-Michael

when we get to my house, we watch Pleasantville which is a damn cool movie. Then we have a sleepover at michaels.

That night we watch Donnie Darko. God Damn that's a spooky, dark, beautiful, creepy, intriguing, complex, deep, dreamlike film. It's like what if Life were a nightmare, but you got used to it being that way. Jake Gyllenhaal is a great actor. He's like a younger Tobey. And his imaginary friend, Frank the Rabbit, is one of the scariest, most beautiful thing ever put on film. "I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad, that the dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had" Rent it, but not if you don't like dark movies, or things that are hard to follow. It leave you with a good feling, and will haunt you for at least a day.

Then in the morning we watch Cats and Dogs. 'nuff said.

I take a much needed shower, then it's off to St. Mary's to see some friends in a play, "The Cherry Orchard." I thought a lot of people I knew were going to be in it (Anne Wagner, Rachel, Ashlyn), but it turns out that Brennan was the only one acting, and Anne and Rachel were teching. I went with Jay, and it was fun. It wasn't a comedy, but there were some really funny parts.

After the show, I was invited to the cast party, which was at this bowling place. It was way fun. One of the girls wore this shirt that was white but in black sharpie was written "DAMN THE MAN save the empire." I shit you not. Oh and did you knwo that the Lord of the RIngs director's cut DVD is rated R for gore? If orcs look that bad on the outside, just imagine..

Yes that brings us to the part where I returned safe and sound and wrote in my livejournal. Still need a hug.
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I'm sorry.. and this is going to sound bitchy and what not, but get over it John, Lauren can't be her weird, giggly out there self around a GAY guy? That really fucking sucks that you feel that way, because I bet it makes her feel bad when you look down on her just because she's around a guy who's not you. I shouldn't speak for her, so yeah. But come on John, what the hell? And I'm sorry, that was mean, but it had to be said.
That made me giggle. Is that bad?
You know how someone like hit my back really hard, and I was all freaking out because it hurt? Well, the funny thing was, I think it actually like popped something back in... because after a few minutes, my back felt great... lol