Duffy (obi_wan_keduffy) wrote,

Well here's what's new. I have a great electic guitar now, and just wrote a chord progression that sounds an awful lot like a blondie song. She was so cool. Oh and Elizabeth Kilgore is going to be our drummer. Whee!

Lesse.. what else. Oh yeah, I'm back to excaping to Middle Earth. Last night I read the first two chapters of The Two Towers. To give you the time perspective, of how long I've been away from middle earth, when I read Fellowship, I was in the Once upon a Mattress, Lauren was a crush, and I had not yet becme close friends with any of my fellow geeks, and the name Tobey Maguire meant nothing to me whatsoever. So it's been a while. And it feels good to be back. Right now I'm on the trail with Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli. I love how Legolas is always asking questions and Aragorn knows everything, and Gimli.. is just Gimli. It's like seeing old friends after a year.

This weekend I've got so much stuff I want to do. Friday Greg wants me to go to the dance and michael wants to go to the football game, and Saturday I was going to have a much delayed movie day with michael, and sunday is family bonding with lauren's dad and little brother, and also I want to fit jamming with jay and seeing the St. Mary's play, and I also have to do homework. ACH!! Oh and I think donnie's doing some geek thing. Why'd summer have to leave? *whines*

Yeah but nothing too important going on in my life right now. It's kind of on coast mode. I suppose that'll change once rehersals for footloose heat up.
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