Duffy (obi_wan_keduffy) wrote,

Now it begins..

Alright, here's the run down.

Period 1: US HISTORY AND GOVERNMENT with Mr. Koepping, who's really cool. One of those classes taught by discussion (very good indeed). Looks like it'll be genuinely interesting, but yet also quite hard. Mr. Koepping is into Pokemon and Marrowind, fun stuff. The kids are kinda bland though, and I'm sitting next to Garison Sullivan who's a highly opinionated twit.

Period 2: JAPANESE 2 with Mr. Christiansen who's a lot looser this year. Yes Dan, somehow I passed jap 1. And you are greatly missed in that class. all the rest of the kids, except you and ally are there again. It'll be fun.

Period 3: ECOLOGY AND CONSERVATION with Mr. Huss. The only kids I know in there are Justin Wilson (archnemesis) and Meghan MacNemera. Need I say more?

A DAY LUNCH: Second Lunch makes me go insanely hungry during thrid period. Lunch is way happy though. Lauren, Torrey, Greg, and David Mitchell, who gets cooler by the day.

Period 4: ENGLISH 2 with Mrs. Wirtz. She's awfully talky and cheerful. Meredith , David, and Rebecca Rudawitz are in there so that'll be fun. Plus whenever there's a class with Chance McDowell and Elain Goldsmith there's gonne be some quote worthy insults flying.

Tehn the bus ride home's horrible.

B day comes

Period 5: INTEGRATED ALGEBRA AND GEOMETRY with Mr. C temporarily. He'll break ya head. This class is shit. It's way easy and the kids aren't that intelligent, and I'm going to try to switch out and be in algebra with Mr. Buchanan, the math god. However David Crosby is in this class, and he's a cool guy.

Period 6: MUSICAL THEATER. Jay, switch into this class, we need guys. It's going to be a blast. Bob is really cool, and so are jenny and lauren and everyone else. Can't wait to see how this class unfolds.

moment of the day. Before class started, I was roaming about the room, and Lauren and Jenny ran out to see the cast list that was posted on the door. Tehn Lauren comes in all bright eyed and happy and says she got in. I asked her if I got in and she says go look on the door. I ask again and she says the same reply. Then I go out, and there I am, playing Williard. Williard Rocks. Rocks I tell you. And I'm in there with so many cool people, Lauren (yay!!), Greg, Tom, Spencer, Jenny, Magaly, Nicole, Amber, etc.

Period 7: ACTING 1: My only friend in there is Alex Werner, who is a great person to make fun of other people with. And we're in there with pretty much just freshmen, so it woks. And Bob is cool two periods in a row. It's a bunch of fun stuff.

I have lunch with Jenny and Torrey.

Period 8: WORLD HISTORY with Miss Wriggle. I'm back in this because I flunked both semesters last year and I didn't want to take summer school. This class is boring becasue the freshmen are all cookie cutter, except for this one ki named julian,who's pretty witty and is a wise ass. And Miss Wriggle and I make a bunch of inside jokes.

That's about it. have fun skimming throught the rest of your friends page.
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