Duffy (obi_wan_keduffy) wrote,

"Back to school" -The Deftones (download it, seriously)

Well I'm going to miss this summer. It was my favorite summer. I didn't exactly end it with a bang, (Today was one of those Tom-tags-along awkward days, but fun none the less. hehe "but fun") but teh ending doesn't really matter. Chapters don't really end anyway, they blur.
So here's teh summer of 2002 through the eyes of John:

Hanging out with Lauren, relationships blooming, Romeo and Juliet, introducing Jay into my theater world, jealous of him playing romeo, getting over jealousy, playing friar, hanging out in portland a lot, talking to sarah iverson, loving with lauren, working with little kids, teaching theater, hanging out with friends, jumping off the barrels, lauren deciding we need a break, return of lauren, getting over the hurt, the germans stay with us, going to the beach, soul-searching there, becoming good friends with greg hudson, meeting amanda *gag*, the musical confrontation day with my fellow geeks, learning how to play magic, going to black butte and lake chalan, wishing I had more summer.

now back to the jungle.
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