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Duffy's Journal
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Wednesday, April 7th, 2004
10:55 pm
Saturday, April 3rd, 2004
9:11 pm
Should I be here?
Well Dan's returned, Lauren's living with a post-apocalyptic penguin, Michael saw Hugh Jackman, Lola still writes friggin epic posts, Jay got a Val Kilmer haircut, Hellboy rocks as a character, Hellboy was good as movie but could have been so much better, Mayfete is in four weeks and our script is beautiful, and holy shite I'm writing in livejournal. Yeah.. that's pretty much the state of the universe.

Gahd.. I want to fast-forward to when I'm out on my own after senior year in an apartment in Portland. I think I'm getting tired of being John Duffy. I don't want school I want an education, I don't want a girlfriend I want a partner, I don't want arrogance I want confidence, I don't want to complain I want to convey. I really want to write, but I can't think of anything new to write about.

But I'm fine! Like, I laugh everyday, and I have great friends, people think I'm special, and Much Ado is awsome. But somehow all that is shadowed because third quarter grades are comng home and I'm still flunking Honor's English. I can't do that.

And it really bothers me sometimes that people think I'm special, because so many other people deserve the sort of attention and love I get in unfair amounts. I don't want to be a celebrity when I grow up anymore.

I guess I'm writing this here because I don't really know who to talk to. I'll probably take this post down anyway.

Reading this, it sounds like I'm depressed, but it doesn't feel that way. I'm just sort of awake and haven't been content in a long while.

I wish I could eat the salt off of your lost faded lips. Well we can cap the old lines, make playing only logical harm.

Current Mood: weird
Friday, August 29th, 2003
10:33 pm
This comes as no suprise, but this is the last livejournal update from me. I mean.. you can't write anything real without being bitched upon, and the day to day stuff I'm sure isn't that interesting to most of the people who read my journal.. if that's anybody. So yeah, if you ever want to know how I'm doing, you know, talk to me. Anyway, thought I'd give you people one less person to scroll past on your friends page.
Thursday, March 20th, 2003
11:19 pm
You're gonna be a big star
Changed me picture. It took me a really long time, so apreciate it, damn you. Best marvel vilain ever.

Anyway.. I'm off to Florida pretty soon to visit my Mom and Sister for spring break. They're down there for like six monthes starting this past christmas, because Gwen's studying ballet.

This war is phuckin idiotic, and those bicyclist protestors are awsome man. They were in portland this night, and basically blocked off big highways and such by walking really slowly with their bikes. And then if the cops came, which was hard because there was a hell of a lot of traffic, of course, only a few would get caught while the rest of them peddle off to the next busy street. Shpockin brilliant I tell you. My hat is off to them.

My creativity has been overflowing lately. I've written my best song yet, and have chords down for another one that's sounding good, and then a really nice intro. and drawings for my comic are coming along, but I'm really stuck on what the robot should look like.

Beyond that, I bonded with the tv today. Conan O'brien is a funny funny man. They had fake state quarters.. to explain it wouldn't be funny at all, but it was the high point of the day.

Oh, and I had an emotional connection with Russel Crowe. I was watching E!, because they were doing a thing on this sunday's Oscars (hosted by Steve Martin, thank god. In my opinion the best oscars host). Then that ended and they had like some biography rip off type thing on Russel Crowe.

Now, personally I've always really liked him as an actor. He picks good projects, and I just think he makes a great hero, you can look up to the guy, he's got quiet charisma, huge presance. I've always liked him in interveiws and his oscar speech I thoguht was really really good. He's funny, looks good and screen, and has a great voice.

Seeing him today just sealed the deal. I've been fanasizing about being a part of the film industry for long time. These are way in depth scenarios that I act out and such.. ultimate dream job. And Russel, basically he acts alot liek I would act if I become a star of his status. "There's alot of people like me out there, dreaming of being a screen actor. Well guess what, I'M DOING IT. (sticks tongue out between teeth while grinning evil grin half laughing)Hehe yeah, and they pay me for it. They don't really need to, but they do. If you don't want a job like this, you're mad. I'm really lucky to be where I am, I'm loving every second of it, this fame isn't going to waste." Awsome. Never ignores the godlike occupation he has, he aknowledges it, and enjoys it. And when people ask him about meg ryan, he just makes a litte 'Phuck you' face and says "None of your business" or somethign along those lines. Now many people are thinking he's an arrogant dick. No, he just knows he's a celebrity, you know, he knows his power. And he's a funny charming guy.

Guess what I'm trying to say is I want to be him. Like.. to get into his position, would make me reach the pinacle of happiness and contentment.

And if I could have a dog. And be married with a couple kids.

And if I could play Batman.

Current Mood: thoughtful
Thursday, January 30th, 2003
10:04 pm
Hey there kids. Haven't been here in a long while. umm.. yeah.

Well, what's new in my life, since I was here last? I was in musical theatre, that was good. I've got a new religion, that's good. I'm in the one acts, that's good. Lauren and I decided to split for a while, so that's not good, but seemed inevitable. Umm.. I talked with one fo my best friends from the theatre today, and realised just how self-centered she is.

What else, what else. oh! I watched Othello tonight. I'm doing my renaissance research project on it, and it's so damn good! I watched the version with Lawrence Fishburn as Othello and Kenneth Branagh as Iago. If any of you are into Shakespeare or good tragic stories, check it out. Such an evil story. "Why become a villian? Divinity in Hell."

Saw Michael's show last night. It was pretty good. He was awsome, all the acting was great. The script itself wasn't that good though. It was entertaining none the less.

Oh and the Breakfast Club is just plain all around good. 'Cept don't mess with pretty, crazy girls, they're beautiful as they are. Wheeeeee. I want bender's clothes. Go watch the movie. You'll like it. If you're a teen that feels the need to keep a livejournal, you'll like it.

Oki, well. That's all for now I guess.

Current Mood: restless
Monday, December 9th, 2002
9:23 pm
The Duffy Returns
Jesus it's been a long time! Oi.. my livejournal hadn't been working for ages, but tonight I changed my screename so now it's all better. Yeah.. so umm.. You know, i really didn't miss livejournal. i mean you can't really vent about anything because people jump down your throat, and it's rare that anyone really says anything of signifigance or humor. but hey, it's a hobby. Umm.. yeah that's about it, I'll update later when I have something to say. but yeah, any of you who are used to talking to me online, my screename and email are different now. Yojimbo is no more. tha's about it. goodnight.

Oh, but hey, if any of you are geeks, and need cheering up, get the lord of the rings four disc extended deal, and watch the "Fellowship of the Cast" documentary on the third disc. It's so unbeleivably happy and awsome and I want to be in a movie like that so damn badly.

Current Mood: relaxed
Thursday, September 26th, 2002
10:42 pm
Yeah haven't updated in a while, comp's been freaking out, or not a whole lot has happened, or stuff just wasn't right to put into a public journal.

I'm doing alright.

A bunch of my friends aren't really doing all that great. greg's having girl problems (out of all my friends, he's the one I want to set up the most. I mean Jay, you'll get one on your own. You know greg isn't at all as horny as he's conceived to be. He's just honest and unbridled in his sexuality. I wank more than him. He really deserves someone. He's a great guy.) Tom gets more pathetic by the second. Jay has the blues. Some of Lauren's friends are down as well. And Amber Nothwang is being way explosive, smothering everyone in her problems. Don't bring me down.
I want to stay up but when everyone else is down, it get's lonely.

But here's what's lifting me up

Lauren. She just keeps getting better. I mean teh first couple monthes were there to bring us together and to makes us feel complete in eachother, the next couple monthes were there to throw us some obstacles, try to brake us apart, see how strong we really were, and now these past couple monthes have been just full of love. And who knows what the next few monthes will bring.

Footloose. I'm really starting to like this. We've started to get on our feet and start to act. That's the stuff I love. I'd much rather be in a straight play than a musical. Not that the singing and dancing aren't fun and all, but I'm in theatre because I love to act, and that's what I'm better at. And Williard's such a fun character. Beats the hell out of the minstrel, but the tights will be missed (shyah and monkeys might fly out of my butt).

October 9th. My 16th Birthday. Whheeeeee! I love birthdays. October 9th, 1986, 7:13pm.

Let's see, what else is good.. I'm getting flashes of precognition alot, I'm asking David Mitchell to homecoming, I found a new favorite song ("How to Disapear Completely" by Radiohead), David Crosby burned me Jimmy Fallon's cd, which is pretty funny, and.. I'm not nearly as happy as I should be..

"'That's so gross it's making my testicles cringe'-me
'Yeah, mine too'-Mom"
Sunday, September 15th, 2002
1:40 am
wake up donnie. do you beleive in time travel.
Sunday hasn't arrived yet, and it's already a long weekend. Let's start at the very beginning.

Friday: I get the most jealous I've ever been. Something erks me as we (Lauren, Tom, Andy, Magaly, and Greg) are waiting for my mom to drive us to rehersal. The group was laughing and such but I found myself to be really bored and uninterested, so I sit by myself a little ways away.

Then on the Car ride: Tom- *elbows andy* John-"Don't hurt the Andy" Lauren- "Aw it's oki sweety" *pets andy's leg* John- "don't pet the andy"

Still feeling really ungood, and don't know why. Then we get to lakeridge, and Tom Greg and I are in the dark corner of the audience, and Andy, Lauren and Magaly are in the light corner. Tom asks me "So what do you think of this Andy guy?" And not at all realiing what was coming out of my mouth I said "I fucking hate him." And saying that sent shivers up my spine and suddenly things started to make sense. I was so incredibly jealous of Andy, and everytime Lauren laughed loudly it sunk in deeper. Luckily neither Greg or tom liked him either, so I was able to spill and clarify everything I felt. I wanted to cry but couldn't. Tom- "Jealousy over Lauren, welcome to my world." The worst jealousy I've ever felt. the reasons why I was jealous are kinda weird and I don't feel like going over them, but if you really want to know, come talk to me. But I didn't want to make a big deal out of this, I didn't want things to be incredibly awkward and segregated, so I told Tom and Greg not to tell Lauren my feelings, that it would heal on it's own. So of course tom goes and tells lauren. I needed a hug so damn badly.

Then I go home and write an email to lauren about it, and then blast rock out of my stereo and dance out of anger.

Michael shows up and he makes me happy. We go up to the football game. We hang out with the likes of Donnie, Jay (who is constantly hugging his new girlfriend,named Jen, who I'm indifferent to, but makes him very happy, so she's cool), Tom, and Greg. Greg and Michael have an intense video game fight that was pretty damn funny. And then I go over and stand by Andy and magaly and steph, figured I'd give the boy a chance. And whenever he was taling to michael, he was atually genuinely funny. It was kinda weird. When lauren was gone and there was michael to play off of, this boy was actually likable. At one point it was just me and andy standing around and he told me he heard I had a porblem with him, and I said I didn't. because at that time, I had no problem withhim at all. It's like Tom once said, when it's just me and him, he's not jealous of me. so I don't hate andy anymore, but I still really needed a hug.

Anyway, then I walked with Jay and Michael back to my house. "I'll Chew your Bacca"-Michael "I'll Sham you're Poo"-Michael "I'm gum your ball"-Jay "I'll Flash your Gordon"-Michael

when we get to my house, we watch Pleasantville which is a damn cool movie. Then we have a sleepover at michaels.

That night we watch Donnie Darko. God Damn that's a spooky, dark, beautiful, creepy, intriguing, complex, deep, dreamlike film. It's like what if Life were a nightmare, but you got used to it being that way. Jake Gyllenhaal is a great actor. He's like a younger Tobey. And his imaginary friend, Frank the Rabbit, is one of the scariest, most beautiful thing ever put on film. "I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad, that the dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had" Rent it, but not if you don't like dark movies, or things that are hard to follow. It leave you with a good feling, and will haunt you for at least a day.

Then in the morning we watch Cats and Dogs. 'nuff said.

I take a much needed shower, then it's off to St. Mary's to see some friends in a play, "The Cherry Orchard." I thought a lot of people I knew were going to be in it (Anne Wagner, Rachel, Ashlyn), but it turns out that Brennan was the only one acting, and Anne and Rachel were teching. I went with Jay, and it was fun. It wasn't a comedy, but there were some really funny parts.

After the show, I was invited to the cast party, which was at this bowling place. It was way fun. One of the girls wore this shirt that was white but in black sharpie was written "DAMN THE MAN save the empire." I shit you not. Oh and did you knwo that the Lord of the RIngs director's cut DVD is rated R for gore? If orcs look that bad on the outside, just imagine..

Yes that brings us to the part where I returned safe and sound and wrote in my livejournal. Still need a hug.
Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
9:16 pm
Well here's what's new. I have a great electic guitar now, and just wrote a chord progression that sounds an awful lot like a blondie song. She was so cool. Oh and Elizabeth Kilgore is going to be our drummer. Whee!

Lesse.. what else. Oh yeah, I'm back to excaping to Middle Earth. Last night I read the first two chapters of The Two Towers. To give you the time perspective, of how long I've been away from middle earth, when I read Fellowship, I was in the Once upon a Mattress, Lauren was a crush, and I had not yet becme close friends with any of my fellow geeks, and the name Tobey Maguire meant nothing to me whatsoever. So it's been a while. And it feels good to be back. Right now I'm on the trail with Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli. I love how Legolas is always asking questions and Aragorn knows everything, and Gimli.. is just Gimli. It's like seeing old friends after a year.

This weekend I've got so much stuff I want to do. Friday Greg wants me to go to the dance and michael wants to go to the football game, and Saturday I was going to have a much delayed movie day with michael, and sunday is family bonding with lauren's dad and little brother, and also I want to fit jamming with jay and seeing the St. Mary's play, and I also have to do homework. ACH!! Oh and I think donnie's doing some geek thing. Why'd summer have to leave? *whines*

Yeah but nothing too important going on in my life right now. It's kind of on coast mode. I suppose that'll change once rehersals for footloose heat up.
Wednesday, September 4th, 2002
10:26 pm
Now it begins..
Alright, here's the run down.

Period 1: US HISTORY AND GOVERNMENT with Mr. Koepping, who's really cool. One of those classes taught by discussion (very good indeed). Looks like it'll be genuinely interesting, but yet also quite hard. Mr. Koepping is into Pokemon and Marrowind, fun stuff. The kids are kinda bland though, and I'm sitting next to Garison Sullivan who's a highly opinionated twit.

Period 2: JAPANESE 2 with Mr. Christiansen who's a lot looser this year. Yes Dan, somehow I passed jap 1. And you are greatly missed in that class. all the rest of the kids, except you and ally are there again. It'll be fun.

Period 3: ECOLOGY AND CONSERVATION with Mr. Huss. The only kids I know in there are Justin Wilson (archnemesis) and Meghan MacNemera. Need I say more?

A DAY LUNCH: Second Lunch makes me go insanely hungry during thrid period. Lunch is way happy though. Lauren, Torrey, Greg, and David Mitchell, who gets cooler by the day.

Period 4: ENGLISH 2 with Mrs. Wirtz. She's awfully talky and cheerful. Meredith , David, and Rebecca Rudawitz are in there so that'll be fun. Plus whenever there's a class with Chance McDowell and Elain Goldsmith there's gonne be some quote worthy insults flying.

Tehn the bus ride home's horrible.

B day comes

Period 5: INTEGRATED ALGEBRA AND GEOMETRY with Mr. C temporarily. He'll break ya head. This class is shit. It's way easy and the kids aren't that intelligent, and I'm going to try to switch out and be in algebra with Mr. Buchanan, the math god. However David Crosby is in this class, and he's a cool guy.

Period 6: MUSICAL THEATER. Jay, switch into this class, we need guys. It's going to be a blast. Bob is really cool, and so are jenny and lauren and everyone else. Can't wait to see how this class unfolds.

moment of the day. Before class started, I was roaming about the room, and Lauren and Jenny ran out to see the cast list that was posted on the door. Tehn Lauren comes in all bright eyed and happy and says she got in. I asked her if I got in and she says go look on the door. I ask again and she says the same reply. Then I go out, and there I am, playing Williard. Williard Rocks. Rocks I tell you. And I'm in there with so many cool people, Lauren (yay!!), Greg, Tom, Spencer, Jenny, Magaly, Nicole, Amber, etc.

Period 7: ACTING 1: My only friend in there is Alex Werner, who is a great person to make fun of other people with. And we're in there with pretty much just freshmen, so it woks. And Bob is cool two periods in a row. It's a bunch of fun stuff.

I have lunch with Jenny and Torrey.

Period 8: WORLD HISTORY with Miss Wriggle. I'm back in this because I flunked both semesters last year and I didn't want to take summer school. This class is boring becasue the freshmen are all cookie cutter, except for this one ki named julian,who's pretty witty and is a wise ass. And Miss Wriggle and I make a bunch of inside jokes.

That's about it. have fun skimming throught the rest of your friends page.
Monday, September 2nd, 2002
10:03 pm
"Back to school" -The Deftones (download it, seriously)
Well I'm going to miss this summer. It was my favorite summer. I didn't exactly end it with a bang, (Today was one of those Tom-tags-along awkward days, but fun none the less. hehe "but fun") but teh ending doesn't really matter. Chapters don't really end anyway, they blur.
So here's teh summer of 2002 through the eyes of John:

Hanging out with Lauren, relationships blooming, Romeo and Juliet, introducing Jay into my theater world, jealous of him playing romeo, getting over jealousy, playing friar, hanging out in portland a lot, talking to sarah iverson, loving with lauren, working with little kids, teaching theater, hanging out with friends, jumping off the barrels, lauren deciding we need a break, return of lauren, getting over the hurt, the germans stay with us, going to the beach, soul-searching there, becoming good friends with greg hudson, meeting amanda *gag*, the musical confrontation day with my fellow geeks, learning how to play magic, going to black butte and lake chalan, wishing I had more summer.

now back to the jungle.
12:11 am
Long gray beard, pointy hat (smiles)
Alright, I just watched the lord of the rings dvd, and here's the cast occording to Jay and myself.

Frodo Baggins- David Mitchell

Samwise Gamgee- Jordan Jarvis

Merry- Michael Zimmer

Perigrin (pippen) Took- Greg hudson

Gandolf the Grey- Jay Derderian

Saruman- Tom Maginnis

Legolas- Sean Green

Aragorn, son of arathorn, rightful king of men, stryder, dunydan- John Richard Duffy the first esquire aka Mr. Right.

Boromir- Andrew Seidman

Arwyn- Lauren Mitchell

Gimli, son of Gloin- Donald Bruss

Galadriel- Devon Harless

Elrond, agent smith- Zach Mandleblatt

Bilbo Baggins- Brittain Forbes.

Gollum- Steve Buscemi

Bush in shot 25- Robert DeNiro

Orc #65 (the one with the arrow through the eye)- Kyle Galloway (yeah! eat it!!) (No special effects used) (mwah ha!)

Word of Day: JUDJISHUL system!!! (listen to Dana Carvey's HBO special)
Sunday, September 1st, 2002
3:43 am
Ello ello loves. It's been a while. I have returned from a week of "vacation." Actually it really wasn't as bad as the quotation marks implied. Here's how the story went (opens thick book titled "The Life and TImes of John Duffy")

Chapter XXIVLXXVIIIVLMMXXCCXXXLL: (which is also my pants size) (budum chh, I jos' keeding!)

Well on.. umm.. Damn, days are hard.. Sunday? yeah let's say sunday. oki on sunday we made the voyage to black butte. I slept the whole trip. When we got there my family was anoying so I ran ut into the woods and fed the deer. They ate from my hand and let me pet them, that's always fun. There was this really cool buck that had one horn, he'd come up to me and make all these funny sounds.

Then.. umm.. not a whole lot happened in black butte. Oh wait. Yeah thsi one time, we had just come back from eating at this disgustingly fancy place that was way cramped. I was kinda frustrated and agrivated and wished that I was back home with all my friends watching moives and laughing and playing guitar and doing all the things I love. So I grabbed a flashlight, and ran away. It was nighttime, and completely dark except for the flashlight's light and the headlights of the occasional car. So I ran on the little bike paths and then walked once I got tired. I was singing the whole time, trying to think of a song to do for the musical audition. Then i came to the huge feild. The stars were amazing, so clear, and so many. I caught a frog and talked to it for a little while. Then I burst into song. Tryed to think of something that'd impress lauren, then I remembered that she wouldn't be at the audition. So then I tryed to think of something that would impress Bob. No idea. so then I just sang what I wanted to sing. I was out there for a long time. it was so great. But then I heard this little ciyote like yipping, and then this bloodcurdling Moo ( I was in the cow pasture). I thought a cow was being eaten, and maybe there was another cyote out there for me, so I bolted as fast as i ever have. I was out of breathe and I was still running. Then I kept hearing freaky sounds adn seeign freaky shadows, and then I had the scaryest hallucination I have ever had. Like I swear to gahd it was there, but it couldn't have been. I was probably just light headed from running or something, but it still freaked me stupid. I was physically shaken. Then I went up this hill and discovered that I had made a full loop and was back at the house we were staying at. So I went inside and fell asleep into a really bizarre dream.

Then we left black butte. I din't do any driving as was planned and was kinda bummed. We drove to Lake Chalan, Washington, the deepest lake in America (third in the world). It was an eight hour drive with stops, through the middle of absolute nowhere. We passed through a town with a population of 25. I shit you not. The whole trip I listened to Front Line Assembly. They're this like goth techno band. It's pretty damn neat, lyrics about the end of the world and drowning and killer robots and such. total nightmare music.
"As the sun burns out your eyes,
a new world will now arise,
Out of the ashes new life apears,
I final conquest without any tears.
This burning sensation won't last long,
Weakling, you must be strong,
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust,
A metal form will never trust."

Oki, then we eventually get to the house we're staying at. For the next three days I'm sharing house with Mom, Dad, Andre, Gwen, Danielle, Aunt Luci, Uncle Uli, and our hosts, Reed and Nan. Now Reed is my mom's first cousin, He's a little bit older than her, and acts like an old folksinger. Then Nan is his wife, and she is way obnoxious. She one of those people who'll talk to you like inches away from your face with the tuna breath, and is always touching your shoulder showing you where to go, and laughs too loud, and completely controls conversations, making them go where she wants. I do my best to avoid her.

Then there's Rick and Jill. Jill is Reed's sister in case any of you are keeping track. She makes beautiful jewelry as a hobby. I wanted to buy this amazing blue and dark brown anklet for Lauren, but Jill makes them from precious stones, so it would've cost me more than I could spare. No family discount I guess. Rick is really cool too. He's the most mellow person I know. He's a carpenter and builds the coolest houses all by himself. And from those two was spawned the infamous Brooke. Brooke is the biggest teenybopper I've ever met. She's a cheerleader with more makeup on her than cloths. She's kinda pudgey, blond, squealy voice. Take Miss Piggy, and remove everything funny/good about that muppet, and you'll be left with Brooke. the cringe factor is high.

We arrived on sunday. We unpacked, mingled, then gwen danielle andre and i jumped in the lake at night. They all had swimming suits, I went in clothes. It was lots of fun. not that cold either.

Then Gwen and Danielle got in a fight and Danielle went home. So Andre Gwen and I went to the indoor swimming pool. We wanted to warm up so we went in the hottub, but then a whole bunch of cookiecutter, plain highschoolers and a couple of enourmous midlife crisis guys decided to join us. The teens were really loud and gossiping and the older men were really creepy. So the three of us decided to simultaniously piss in the water. And we did. Ah sweet revenge. Is that family bonding or what? Then Andre and I tossed Gwen around like a sack of potatoes (She's eerily light and can go completely limp if you ask her to). And I had a realization, Andre's hasn't gotten on my nerves at all this summer, we're actually friends, what the hell happened?

We came home at like 11, and Moby sang me to sleep. I was sleeping in liek this closet type thing with two bunkbeds in it. Gwen and I had the top bunks, and the ceiling was really close to my face the entire time. Not good when you're slighty claustrophobic.

When I woke up it was Monday. Rick brought his boat out and he took us (me brooke andre gwen danielle, in age order) to "The Cliff." Last year, this cliff was huge and intimidating. Turns out it's only fifteen feet. You can jump from higher, but I'm not that good of a rock climber. I jumped first the second I got up there, and everyone was impressed. They don't know about the barrels.

Then we went intertubing, which I am totally in love with. wolverine grip on that thing, ne'er fell off once, though a couple of times the water blinded me.

Then we came home and I tryed to nap, but Reed pulled out the karoke machine, and gwen and mom screeching "My Heart Will Go On" kept me up. Dad burst in the door yelling Run Away!! This thing even had a mike, and echoed throughout teh house. Adn Lucy's a professional singer, and makes everything sound like opera, which can be kinda pretty sometimes, but I was so not in the mood. Eventually you just gotta join them, and I did. The only song I really knew really well was Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and that was pretty cool. Then everyone sang "Like a Rolling Stone" by bob Dillon, which I had never heard before, but was way cool. Mom did an epic, angst filled version of that. Tehn I did Twist and Shout, way cool. And then all the girls and I sang "These Boots are made for Walking" which I did with flamboyant arm movements.

Tuesday we did more of the same, except a little more intense. Oh and they gave me the keys to the jetski. I'd never ridden one before, so I started going five miles an hour, then I squeezed the handle and was suddenly up to sixty, ripping over the water. Take the scene from Xmen when Logan rides Cyclop's motorcycle and then punches the turbo boost, put him on a jetski on a lake instead, and rename him John Duffy, and there you have it. It was a blast. I got so good at it after a while. Jumped this huge wake behind a massive tour ship thing and flew. twas great.
That morning I sent Lauren Greg Mere Jen and Tom vibes for the musical auditions.

That night, all the adults went to dinner, so the rest of us stayed home and made prank phone calls which to my suprise, Gwen is a master at. She's shpockin amazing. She keeps a complete straight face, een though everyone else is cracking up, and is really convincing. She had a four minute conversation with this woman, pretending to be a carpet cleaning service. The woman's name was Shirley Dinkel.

Then early wednesday morning Dad and I trekked back to LO, while the rest stayed in Chalan for another two days. Teh ride home wasn't bad, and Dad likes Front Line Assembly now. When I got home I hung out with Greg, yadda yadda yadda, the two of us aren't allowed to hang out with Tom because of some complicated shit I'm not allowed to talk about. "Duffy, you are a malicious bastard, aren't you?!"-Tom Maginnis. I'm such a good villian.

Then Thursday I woke up not knowing what the hell I was going to sing for my audition. I spent the whole morning singing "Pride (in the name of love)" by U2. A bit of it was used in Moulin Rougue. It's such a good song.
"One man come in the name of love,
one man come and go,
one man come, he to justify,
one man to overthrow.

In the naaaaame of loove,
One more in the name of love.
In the naaaame of loooooove,
what more in the name of love.

One man caught in the barbed wire fence,
one man he resist,
one man washed on the empty beach,
one man betrayed with a kiss.

In the naaame.. etc."

So then Greg and I walk up to the audition. He's going to sing Macho Man. We go into the little theater and mingle for a little bit. Liz (choir teacher) comes up and bothers me about changing my perfectly good schedule so I can have choir. gnar.

there's like over a hundred kids there (keep in mind this is lakeridge as well). Turns out we don't sing infront of everybody which is pretty poopie. instead groups of ten go to a separate room while the rest of us sit around, chatting. I'm in the last group. So in the mean time I learn the dance, which is way fun, except my knees and thighs got sore after the sixth time. And I did that damn dance so many times that I lost a bunch of my energy before my audition.

Hung out with a bunch of people I hadn't talked to in a long time, Merideth, Spencer, Jen, and this lakeridge girl named Brittany who I took tap with back in like fifth grade, and is friend's with spencer.

There was this little group of lakeridge kids staring at me a lot, and then one of them pulls me over and goes "That girl was wondering if she'd ever have a chance with you." It might've been a joke, but a confidence boost none the less.

Then I meet a bunch of lakeridge kids my age who knew Tom, and reffered to him as "Trick." Turns out Trick dated one of them, a funky girl named Olivia for like four monthes, but they never kissed. Olivia was kinda weird. Then there's this big physically unatractive (p.c. of me or what) guy named.. Zach who's really really charismatic, and we had lots in common. Then there's this girl, Turtle Smirk, who's pretty cool. She should be a vampire. So these are like a whole group of friends tom has, taht I didn't even know about. That boy has secrets. He should grow up to be a special agent.

Anyhoo they called me for the actual audition at 7 (I had been there since 3). And I was a bit rusty, and didn't really have much confidence, but I did pretty well. I sounded too much like ewan, not enough like john, but I sounded like shpocking McGreggor, so I was happy.

Yesterday (friday) I went to Bullwinkles with Gwen andre and danielle. It was kinda fun. But the car ride there was absolute hell. Teh car ride back was pretty funny. You see gwen danielle and I were jammed in the backseat, so to distract us from our discomfort we played thumb war. Gwen kept on talking about how cute my thumb was. Then she said something I couldn't really imagine her saying. Her eyes lit up like she had the best idea in the world, and she said "I have th best idea in the world for something you should do with Lauren. You two should totally have a tongue war!! Like one two three four I declare a tongue war! Man.. am I good at kissing ideas or what, johnny boy." *Mom gives nervous glance to Gwen* Oh man, it's going to be so weird when she gets her first boyfriend.

When we came home I had seven slices of pizza. I feel pudgey.

That brings us to today (Saturday; technically it's early Sunday morning, but I'm couning this whole night as saturday). I woke up ths morning after having a vivd dream about the first day of school. It's one of those dreams where you don't realize it's a dream until you wake up. Likeit moves fluently from event to event, and you don't notice that you can't smell or feel anything, and you know events couldn't ever happen, but that doesn't stop you from beleiving it's real while you're still dreaming. In this dream I was Romeo in the school play, Sarah Iverson moved to our school, Jay was dating Lauren, I was dating Anne Wagner, Tom was gay, and I got fist fights with Kyle Galloway, Justin Wilson, and Bryn Hubbard. And I was pretty much happy thorughout the dream, but very confused, trying to remember what happened in my life to create all of these changes. and most things were kinda golden colored. Oh and I drove the school bus because I threw the driver out the window because he looked like Bluto from Popeye.

Anyhoo, so I woke up and kinda reminded myself of my current relationships with everyone, so the dream didn't mess with my reality. Then I wrote lyrics to a tune I had made up in march, on guitar. Then I did yarwork.

And I don't know if I've told you guys this, but I hate grass. Well.. I hate domestic grass, the lawn kind you have to take care of. The smell of wet, cut grass in clumps that you have to pick from the mower and place in the yard barrel makes me feel like I could puke. It's an awful smell. And it feels awful too. And mowing the lawn is just damn frustrating. Especially when you need to swear loudly, but your grampa is right there telling you how he does it, as if you needed help. Gah.. hate it. Incase any of you ever wind up living with me, we're not having a lawn. We're having dirt and moss. that's it. or, We're having wild grass and thickets and thistles, and we're not going to ever cut it. There can be a path though.

Tonight I watched home movies with the cousins of when I was 7. As a really little kid I was eager for attention, but soft spoken and timid. Then at sevenish I got really loud and obnoxious. I was goofy looking too. I had a really small nose (It didn't become the sculpted peice of beauty it is today until fifth grade or so). and my tongue was freakin huge! Guess teh rest of my face grew more than it did, so now it's porportionate. man.. weird stuff.

I haven't talked to lauren in 7 days. I miss her and think about her a whole lot, but not as much as the other vacations. This is a good thing. I've gotten used to not being able to be with her every minute. She gets back from camping on.. monday right? two more days?

anyhoo.. that's all folks

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Thursday, August 22nd, 2002
10:03 pm
Kick off your sunday shoes
Well today I sawa couple flicks worth noting. First off there was "The Nightmare Before Christmas" which you've probably all seen before, I'm a bit late on introduction to that. It was really creepy and really good. Total twisted dream material. Gotta love it. Even if you think it's sutpid, you know you're dark side is singing along with Jack. Fun fun stuff. Saw it with Tom and Lauren. Seems like I'm always hanging out with like either just lauren or lauren and one other person. Kinda miss hanging out with lauren and a group. Anyone up for a love circle sometime?

Anyways, after lauren left for tai kwon doe, I talked a bit with tom on her curb, waiting for mom to come pick me up. Man, Tommy has a shit job. He's working 10 at night till 8 in hte morning building a wall at chucky cheese's. Dude.. makes me feel incredibly lucky. I have so much stuff that I really don't deserve, and tommy has it pretty hard.

So eventually my mom picked me up and we rented Footloose. It was so not what I expected. It's not light and happy at all. It's a freakin drama. and it's not even a musical. and they're gonna have to cut tons of stuff (it's rated R for like language and sex talk and stuff) and there's just tons of stuff that you can't do on a stage (traffic accidents, a tractor chicken race, etc.). And there's hardly any parts (I counted 7 total). I don't know what the hell the drama department was thinking when they chose this for the musical. Let's just hope the play is way different than the movie.

But there are some parts in the movie that are just plain hilarious. Like Ren's freak out dance, and alll the horrible eightie's slang. I either want to play the preacher, who's like the main stuffy guy who's against all the music (played by John Lithgow), kinda complex character stuff, or Williard who's the closest thing to comic releif, he's kinda this rough stupid guy who doesn't know how to dance, until Ren (kevin bacon) teaches him in corny eighty's fashion. And lemme tell ya, Ren has Ryan Baggerly written all over him. And then there's this tough jock which'll probably be Ed Wagner. It's gonna be a blast. Really hope I get in, and get inwith some friends. It's gonna be a blast. Adn Donnie Bruss'll love it because Ren is a cool guy from Chicago.

Well, that's about it. I'm going away for about a week. I'm leaving tomorrow after regestration, and then I'll be home on Thursday the 29th (the day of the musical auditions). I'm forced with relatives. Poopie. We're going to black butte for a couple of days, and then lake chalan, washington. it's a deep lake inthe middle of this barren wasteland. I'm not that excited. I'll miss you all.
Sunday, August 18th, 2002
10:15 pm
Here's me schedule for sophomore year


1) US History/ Government with Koepping
2) Japanese 2 with Christiansen
3) Ecology with Huss
4) English 2 with Wirtz
5) Intagrated Algebra/ Geometry with Nueburger
6) Musical Theatre with McGranahan
7) Acting 1 with McGranahan
8) World History with Wriggle


1) US History/ Government with Koepping
2) Japanese 2 with Christiansen
3) Ecology with Huss
4) Acting 2 with McGranahan
5) Intagrated Algebra/ Geometry with Nueburger
6) Physical Education with Heinze
7) English 2 with Wirtz
8) World History with Wriggle

Yep that's it. So if any of you have any classes withme or warnings of teachers lemme know.

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1:03 am
"Why Tommy Why" a musical confrontation
Alright.. I left my house friday at noon, and I just got home a couple hours ago. So ton's of stuff has happened. Laugh Donnie says things he really shouldn't. See Amanda reveal herself as a complete SLUT. Witness the demise and revival of Tom Maginnis. Watch Greg prove himself over and over to still be one of the coolest people ever. you'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll hurl. You'll wish that you were there. "THE ATTACK OF THE AMANDA" Starring Greg Hudson, Tom Maginnis, Amanda Flemming, Donnie Bruss, Andrew Seidman, Zach Mandleblatt, Annoying little brothers, and Mike Meyers. coming soon to a livejournal near you.

Too tired to write it out now.

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Wednesday, August 14th, 2002
11:10 pm
Mario in the frogsuit.. dude.. that's the definition of the word fruity
Well I hung out with Greg Hudson today. We bitched about Tom Maginis and amanda, then we bitched about ally vs. greg. Then we went to his house and explored the wonders of his computer. First off he has this video that has clips from "Batman Beyond: The Return of the Joker" to "Turn me on Mr. Deadman" by Union Underground. And man.. it kicks so much ass. it goes like perfectly to the music, and the animation just is beautiful. It's like better than anime. I'm gonna rent that movie sometime. And it's like violent and stuff. Finally a violent batman cartoon. I realised something: Terry Maginis and his hypertech batsuit are like a cross between batman and spiderman.

Then we watched tons of Mario cartoons. And man.. it's like the worst cartoon series I've ever laid eyes on. seriously. check them out any chance you get. "I'm such a capitalist feind!" -King Koopa. Dude.. hunt them down and watch them. It's great.

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Tuesday, August 13th, 2002
9:43 pm
"What was the best thing BEFORE sliced bread?" Bread.
That's a quote stolen from Anne's message machine.
Well not anything terribly exciting happened today, so you can keep on scrolling down your friends page, I'm just writing this because I'm bored. well.. huh. Maybe I'm not so bored.. no.. I'm just too tired to update I just thoughtI should. so.. yeah.

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Sunday, August 11th, 2002
4:51 pm
Night of the Living Duffy 2: Return of the Duffy (AKA Duffy in 3D) LOOK OUT IT'S A ZOMBIE YAM!!
Hey there everybody, I came back from the beach today. Gahd I love the beach. When I make my first indie film, there has got to be a super intense sword fight on a beach. That'd rock. And then the hero and villian are fighting in the wave, and they both go under, and as a wave crashes over, behind it would flow a stream of blood, and you wouldn't know whose blood it was, and then just the hero emerges, with the sun setting behind him, cape waving, sword shining. Man.. that'd rock.

The beach was great. So incredibly windy, my trench coat was flapping like a cape. I spent most of my time sleeping on the beach. once I woke up and the wind had been blowing so hard for so long that a human-sized dune had been piling up against my back. When you're at the beach, doing nothing but being on the beach, there is like no time. Time just doesn't matter at all. There's nowhere you need to be, nothing you need to do. You can just be.

I realised something when I was there. I've been making another false character for myself. his name is "Lauren's boyfriend". I can't really explain how he's different from me, but he just is. he's just.. superficial. I know what it is.. he's too full of himself. It's like I suddenly got all this confidence, but then I let the confidence take me over, and so I started acting in ways that I don't really like.

speaking of Lauren, sheesh. I miss her even when I'm the one on vacation. wish she could've come, it would've been so incredibly great.

One day as the sun was setting, Andre (german archnemisis, who's actually no tthat bad this year) and Reese (really cool soccer playing cousin) and I decide to go swimming in the ocean. It was so incredibly cold, but so incredibly awsome. We went out very very far. The sun was blazing red and the waves were tinted orange and the sky was dark purple. it was totally unreal. And the waves were so awsome. We were out there for a really long time. I like could barely touch the bottom, and I barely had enough strength to swim to shore.

I realised that I'm getting thinner *happy dance* I want to stay soft, but I want to be stronger. Like I want to be able to do more things. Little muscle here and there wouldn't hurt.

Oh one day Gwen and Danielle (andre's little sister) gave me a make over. Dear Gahd. They put my hair in three pigtails, two on the sides and one in the back, and then put my bangs into four really tight braids that came down into my eyes. I was so gorgeous. hehehehe. Then we went and rented movies and I embarassed Andre. twas great.

And I had so many dreams during so many naps. Here's one. Alright, so I'm at a bus stop, just sitting, and then Nicole accardi's there, and we talk about her hunt for the Anti-christ (I love conversations in dreams). Then I look down at my watch and realise that I'm late from an audition. (Buzz had died from choking on a pair of dice, so there were looking for a replacement on "ZOOM." Gotta love the opb. If your'e confused go to pbskids.org/zoom)So I run to the nearest building and hope that's where the audition is. I walk in and it's like a huge mall, with this enormous spiral staircase in the middle going up like a thousand floors or something. And at the base of the stairs is Jordan Jarvis. He says "Do di do di do, you here for the Zoom audition too?" And so I'm thinking Godammit, I'm gonna have to go up against Jordan, and there's no way I'll beat him, I mean he was made to be on Zoom. Anyhoo so we go up the stirway and he falls down a bunch, and then we finaly make it to this playground where the Cat in the Hat is holing the audition. And it turns out that Donnie Bruss got the part of Buzz instead of me or Jordan. Then I woke up. Man. I love dreams.

yeah, turns out I'm here longer than I thought before heading off to black butte. We're leaving on the.. 23rd. And today is the.. 11th. It's my Mom's birthday, she's turning 51.
Wednesday, August 7th, 2002
11:40 am
So long farewell adveitazein goodnight
Hey everybody, this is morning john talking. Well, I'm off to the beach, I'll be back sunday. You guys rock, and I'll talk to you later. Expect a long detailed post when I get back. I'll try to write a song while I'm there. Anyhoo, see you later. *disapears*

Oh by the way, Andre has already discovered our vodka stash. Man.. He's bugging me already.

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