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Yeah haven't updated in a while, comp's been freaking out, or not a whole lot has happened, or stuff just wasn't right to put into a public journal.

I'm doing alright.

A bunch of my friends aren't really doing all that great. greg's having girl problems (out of all my friends, he's the one I want to set up the most. I mean Jay, you'll get one on your own. You know greg isn't at all as horny as he's conceived to be. He's just honest and unbridled in his sexuality. I wank more than him. He really deserves someone. He's a great guy.) Tom gets more pathetic by the second. Jay has the blues. Some of Lauren's friends are down as well. And Amber Nothwang is being way explosive, smothering everyone in her problems. Don't bring me down.
I want to stay up but when everyone else is down, it get's lonely.

But here's what's lifting me up

Lauren. She just keeps getting better. I mean teh first couple monthes were there to bring us together and to makes us feel complete in eachother, the next couple monthes were there to throw us some obstacles, try to brake us apart, see how strong we really were, and now these past couple monthes have been just full of love. And who knows what the next few monthes will bring.

Footloose. I'm really starting to like this. We've started to get on our feet and start to act. That's the stuff I love. I'd much rather be in a straight play than a musical. Not that the singing and dancing aren't fun and all, but I'm in theatre because I love to act, and that's what I'm better at. And Williard's such a fun character. Beats the hell out of the minstrel, but the tights will be missed (shyah and monkeys might fly out of my butt).

October 9th. My 16th Birthday. Whheeeeee! I love birthdays. October 9th, 1986, 7:13pm.

Let's see, what else is good.. I'm getting flashes of precognition alot, I'm asking David Mitchell to homecoming, I found a new favorite song ("How to Disapear Completely" by Radiohead), David Crosby burned me Jimmy Fallon's cd, which is pretty funny, and.. I'm not nearly as happy as I should be..

"'That's so gross it's making my testicles cringe'-me
'Yeah, mine too'-Mom"
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